Sunday, September 10, 2017

Its ok Came


Its ok to cry

when your sister buys your favourite sunblock that u cant afford

its ok to cry

when your brother allows you to pay him back bits by bits to go on holiday

Its ok to cry

over a simple question, Are u ok?
there u have concern humane

its ok to cry

when your sister talks about your favorite things to look at, makeup
diverting your trouble mind

its ok to cry

when u see there are people who are having bigger issue and you feel like urs it not even worthy to think of

Its ok to cry

remembering old good time, to create new beautiful memories later.

its ok to cry

to Allah, for every single drop of tears you pray will help to wash away the sins you've made

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, reborn.
over and out.

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Loss Person


Its controlling yourself from thirst and hunger.
Commonly used

I grew up in a family that eats rice for sahur.
and we still do

I am a young adult now.
I am fasting

I questioned myself, what I have benefited from fasting.

I lost weight.
Regained everything in three days of Eid.

Why am I fasting again?
Allah told me too.

Can I go one day without fasting? On purpose?
What will happen?

I thought of it.
Yes, I did.

I didnt do it because thankfully I am STILL AFRAID OF HIM.
I continue fasting.

 I pray.
 I pray hard.
 It all start in 2016.

Because I realize the beauty of Ramadan at 23.

I realized Allah has fulfilled everything I ask for.
So, what should I ask this year.
Why I dont feel like asking him anything? Why?
Am I that great?

I am not at peace. I am a sinful slave.
I am being punish.
I am not reminded by him to pray to him.

I loss the diamond looking at the pearl.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, over and out.