Friday, March 9, 2018

Legoland Hotel: Luxury Price but lowyah


So we went to Legoland December 2017 and stayed at the Legoland hotel.

I have to admit, the various themed room are interesting.

We gave Adam(my nephew) to choose which theme he wants, and we stayed at the pirate theme.

Something like this.
It looks decent in pictures, have to say.

But when we went there, there's just something about the hotel tht screams, I AM NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY.

Im not really sure.

Maybe because Im an adult now.

I didnt see both of my nephew monyok muka.

They ran here and there, throwing legos.

I just wish.

They made it better....................krik2.
Urm, they hav xbox area which went we went there, it was hang. blergh.

I was hoping for an international level kind of hotel.
A hotel that, Singaporean/ Legoland/Thailand/Philippine parents will say,

"Hey kids, wanna go to Legoland Malaysia"

and people will be excited like its Disneyland level kind of environment.

Nahhh, I dont know why, but things are done, Legoland licensing themselves approve to this, soooo.

Maybe, Im so butthurt because we paid RM1K++ kot for our one night stay there.

So yeah I think those with 10 yo kids and below, will enjoy their time here.
Parents will need not to worry about food in the morning.
They basically have everything that a kid could possibly ask for.

I, as the butthurt adult, says that, its a place for young family to let their kids have fun, but not for family time.

Family time= atuk , nenek, mak ,ayah, abang , kakak. sume ada.

Im being very negative though.

but I love the breakfast!

Hopefully I will regret posting this one day.

and tht one day is where our Legoland will be one of the highlights of Malaysia tourism.

This is Nik, over and out.
p.s: I VLOGGED! Pls find the vlog about the hotel at my youtube channel.

let me help you,
here's the link.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Its ok Came


Its ok to cry

when your sister buys your favourite sunblock that u cant afford

its ok to cry

when your brother allows you to pay him back bits by bits to go on holiday

Its ok to cry

over a simple question, Are u ok?
there u have concern humane

its ok to cry

when your sister talks about your favorite things to look at, makeup
diverting your trouble mind

its ok to cry

when u see there are people who are having bigger issue and you feel like urs it not even worthy to think of

Its ok to cry

remembering old good time, to create new beautiful memories later.

its ok to cry

to Allah, for every single drop of tears you pray will help to wash away the sins you've made

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, reborn.
over and out.