Monday, March 14, 2011

MJ dancers-K-pop choreographer

Okay guys and girls,

as you can see, the picture above is the dancers and the choreographer of michael jackson

the center guy is Travis Payne, the choreographer and the judge in Live to dance.
and the people around him is MJ's back up dancers.

there are about 10 dancers act but I only know two name, Nick Bass and Micha Gabriel.
went MJ This Is It's movie was on cinema, my sis and I love them and we kept on watching their other dancing video..
because they are SUPER-DUPER dancer.
puas hati tgk diaorg menari.

at the same time my sis and I love Korean artist which is Super Junior.
and we love them more when we knew that their choreographer is Nick Bass and his partner( I don't know his name)

super junior and nick bass(the guy in the blue shirt) Lee Dong Hae and Eunhyuk during rehearsal with Nick Bass..

and our beloved Shinee's choreographer issssss......
Rino Nakasone..

we knew Rino went we watched America Best dance Crew, ABDC.
she entered the third season.
her team, Beat Freaks got second place.

Shinee and Rino and also Shinee's Manager

hehe, what to do.

I LOVE SHINEE, more now.

p.s: taemin look ridiculous in the picture..huhu..

just to share benda yang I tahu, k.

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