Friday, April 22, 2011

gummy smile=mama's comment

hello readers,

okay, yesterday I posted about my gummy smile problem.
one of the solution to the problemo is by taking BOTOX.

I posted at FB and tagged my friend, to ask about their opinion. well, they kind of DONT like the IDEA...huhu..

I dah agak dah semenanya.

my mama said that: "Tak payah la, Came. Ikut cara nabi senyum. Nabi senyum tak nampak gigi"

and I was like, "Okay!"

I already decided not to do anything about it. act. just wanna see how my bff respond to the Idea of me getting botox.

p.s: tak pernah kusangkan, aku akan bercakap pasal BOTOX2, nih!

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