Wednesday, April 13, 2011

movie review-Prince of Persia:Sands of Time

well. this movie was premiere last year, in May.

since this month, April. Star Movie dah mula tayangkan cerita ni.
so I was thinking to write a review about this movie.
mana lah tahu ada yg fikir citer ni tak best.

at first, I was like. citer aper ni mcm Troy.
ala yg Orlando Bloom berlakon tuh.
I haven't watch Troy but I think that movie is NO-Fun.

okay, about the movie in the title.

cerita dia actually SANGAT MENARIK.
before I watch this movie, without reading the summary, I thought it was a war-movie.

tapi tak.
Sands of Time is like Time travel machine.
cuma its a dagger, macam keris gituh.

the main actor is Jake Gyllenhaal. Prince Dastan
he's act not a prince.
the KING of Persia found him in the market and took Dastan to be his son because he sees something special in Dastan.

the KING of Persia already have 2 sons so Dastan is the last one.
maybe many people will think that, the brothers may no be good with each other
because they are Princes, they are KING-to-BE.

BUT, diaorg Baek..
the KING thought them well.
its actually one of the reason why I like this movie. usually, adik beradik mesti bermusuhan then saling bunuh membunuh sbb nak takhta, tension tgk citer mcm tuh

so, the Persian serang Kota Amalut sbb uncle kepada the princes which is, Nizam, kata yg the Amalut City mungkin membuat senjata tanpa kebenaran.

well, Prince Dastan is the hero. he was the first one who managed to get into the Amalut City sewaktu serangan. after the intervention ni lah cerita bermula.

At this Amalut City ni, Prince Dastan jumpa the Dagger that contain the Sand of time.
the ruler of the Amalut City is a women so when the dagger was in Prince Dastan hand she tried to flirt a little with Dastan to get back the dagger.she is the Princess of Amalut

jalan cerita dia byk mcm ni. Dastan yang pegang dagger tu then princess of Amalut tu akan dapat then dapat balik kat Dastan. haha

cerita ni semenanya banyak part kelakar tau. I wasn't expecting there was funny part in this movie awal2. haha.

aku dah penat. kalau nak ikutkan banyak lagi aku nak cerita. nih

so if you guys wanna know more about what happen to dagger and who is the BAD-GUY in this movie . KENA tgk sendiri Lah

me: 9/10 stars. ;)

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