Sunday, May 22, 2011

where I have been

olaaa, readers. so to keep it short, coz the time now is 1.25 a.m in the morning. by 8.30 I have to reach Matrx Melaka. oh, yeah. I'm in KL . "Awesome" kan...

so, as I told u guys that my cousin from indonesia came here. to malaysia.
since I am not working and nothing more important thing s to do, I jadi diaorg punya tour guide laaaa.

during the day of my cousin wedding in melaka, which is the reason family indon came.
I took her to ride on Melaka cruise.

siapa sangka, in one night I get to know Melaka really really well.haha.
siapa tahu kenapa Jambatan Merah org cina panggil Jambatan Mati?
siapa perasan church yg seblm stadhuys act senget sebelah?
haaaaa. I really enjoy taw. sumpah best. boat rider tu switch off yg automatic punya explanation tu and dia manually bercerita dekat kitaorg best gilerrrrrrrrr......

okay, melaka itu saja lah.
the next thing is. I went to genting.
myb for some of u yg baca I punya post seblm ni wonder if I went to Sunway.
nope, I didn't. coz now the price is hell expensive lerrr....
I tak kesah, coz yg penting Genting.

yeah, I did went there. and I had lots lots lots of fun.
my dad sempat jugak culik my cousin, Nik Munirah. haha. the funny thing is that kak Munirah tak nak ikut and dia relek jer stay over kat umah kitaorg the day bedore g genting. I expected that my dad will bring her to Subang tapi entah mcm mana last minute punya plan. ayah Nik nak ikut. cehhhh

okay la, enough about that.
so the last time I went to genting was in primary. freaking long time man.
I LOVE the environment.
the minute we reached there we went straight to Sungai Rejang. ala yg naik bot lepas tu turun slide and basah satu badan tuuu... sejok giler okay.
then, we were hungry so masuk indoor join my parents yg tak maen outdoor. makan. and keluar balik utk sambung main outdoor tapi hujan so kitaorg maen naik keta yg line up and tekan minyak kalau nak jalan. pretty interesting.

when hujan dah reda, naik pirate ship.
sejok jer lebih.
then naik corkscrew, which was totally awesome. I bukak mata the whole time. and tak takut lansung.
then I went to Solero shot. okay. this one hell scary MAN!!!
boleh tak dah la tinggi giler
and bila dia lepaskan as if mcm kita jatuh tuh. i felt as if my backbone jadi pendek taw.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ I can still rasa the teror man!aigoooo~~
then, the trips go bla bla bla. habes awl kowt sbb tak rmai org.
oh yeah, kitaorg byr gak RM10 utk naik yg spiderman tuh haha. terhentak-hentak kepala. tapi best . naik sekali cukup kowt. kalau terlebih duit naik laaa.
I got lots of pic when I was in genting tapi I'm pretty busy right now.
with my cousin, Baby wedding and matrix nyer hal.

so that's all I can type right now. I will be torturing myself for another year. mcm spm punya tak ckp. haha. tapi I'll definitely try my best. for the sake of my parents.
nothing else in the world I wanna do selain drpada make my parents proud. and habeskan duit my dad.

okay, dadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
if i have a little free time I will post sumthing. myb about my new life in matrix, okay. BYE!
soryy kalau ada mis-spell. nak cepat. dadaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

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