Friday, June 10, 2011


I was hoping that I can post this along with the picture of my lecturer, adui. malas la.

haha, okay.
the story of my lecturer.

My Kuliah's lecturer semuanyer so far so good.
my science computer's lecture, was hell boring~~~
haha, tapi lecturer dia ada phD. a Dr. dah!
kalaulah, lecturer tu tak berlawak sikit dlm lecture, memang confirm majority akn tidur dlm lecture. sbb science com. ni duk Define and explain, define and explain.
agaknyer ni stage awl utk mengenali computer/ IT kot. adussss.

as for my Math, which di matrix panggil Math, QS. I dont know what qs stands for.
okey, my math lecturer and my tutor teacher is the same person. I like the way dia mengajar. its very straight forward and easy to understand.
Well, saya otak math. so for me its easy.

since I'm not that very ke-otak-kan Physics. so physics was kind of hard for me.
but, after 4 p.m students can meet up with their lecturer for further explanation.
and there's marks for the student yang naik ke unit.
Naik ke unit mcm pergi ke perjabat la. unit Physics, math, Bio and chemistry di tempat yg berlainan. I mean di aras yg berlainan.huhu...

so that's all for NOW!k daaadaaaa

as for my chemistry lecturer. yg ni saya mau bilang bahawa. She is my favourite lecturer.hua3.
dia sgt2 kelakar.
every lecture dia, mesti dia akan ckp, moral utk hari ni adalah....
haha, lepas dia explain sumthing, dia mesti ckp dgn kitaorg ko cuba citer sikit psl benda yg aku baru ckp ni dekat kwn sebelah ko.
cube citer, cube citer.