Friday, August 19, 2011

Business tak boleh pergi dri ku.

hello readers, as you can the above picture. haha. I ran to it at Ampang Park nyer kedai stationery. At first, I wanted to buy a file that has animal drawing design then I saw all the above files. I LOVED them. It was so cute. and kena dgn ku. perasan tak cartoon dia pkai braces. alolololo. huhu.

so, I bought 4 different files. dgn niat nak jual dkt org laen. haha.
so far takde benda kena dgn tajuk. I just wanna tell u ollsss. that I LOVE BUSINESS. haha. I have been doing since I was like 5 years old. helping my mom sold her brooches. The thing is, when I DO BUSINESS, tak pernah lah tak untung lagi.
dlm erti kata laen, semua dia atas dh sold out. hua3. except for one la. coz I'm using it. hehe.
hebat ak. haha.

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