Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best of Glee.

This is Nik, over~~~(beeeppp)

my fav. so far.

Cell Block Tango(Broadway song)


the song is about the women in Cook County Jail.
the women that killed their lover. but in the song the way the sang it as if they didn't make any mistake. mcm the guys deserve to die-lah.understand?
google the lyric. and this song was sung for their football coach(a woman) whom got beaten up by her boyfriend.

my fav.

How will I know.


original singer is Whitney Houstan. this is the very first song in the episode where they tribute to the late Whitney.
glee sung it in acapella. which was so freaking awesome. I lOVE IT so much. its the best from glee.
try to listen to it.

that's all.

This is the GleeK Nik Camelia,
over and out.


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