Friday, May 4, 2012

dear friend

Dear friend.

if u ARE a person then read and understand what I'm trying to say in my entri here.

if u want people to acknowledge u then. ACKNOWLEDGE PEOPLE.

if u want to be so loved then. SPREAD THE LOVE.

if u want to play a fool then. make sure its the right time. not when he/she is stress studying

if u want to joke around then. make sure DO NOT CROSS THE BORDER LINE.

border line: what's next to the border line? the issue or statement that cannot be use for jokes or fooling as it may hurts an individuals feeling.

if u want to treated nicely then. BE NICE.

if u want to be consider then. BE CONSIDERATE.

if u want subway. ask nicely. ;P; which u always do,act.

if u want to support ur frens for anything then. SUPPORT-LAH. 
dun just stare at them and make a boring face as if u are not supporting and gives the fed-up mood.

if u want the BEST or BE THE BEST then. STOP COMPLAINING.

if u failed in anything then. REMEMBER IT coz it will the sweetest moment to be remind of when u have succeed.


if u were misjudged then. THEY STILL DONT KNOW U ENTIRELY, dear.

if u were been alienated then. U MUST DONE SUMTHING  WRONG SUMWHERE.

if u keep repeating "perangai aku mmg mcm ni" then. BRACE URSELF. u are goin to face mid-life crisis.heads up. change urself.

notes: i know. 19 years dun just listen to other 19 years old advice in changing their attitude. but. think of it.

if u could say sorry then. U definitely will make me cry on the 26th.

if u just listen to me then. u can let me express my feeling. instead of hanging up the fon before I even reached the fullstop of my line and tell u that I was joking.

if u just be nice then. u do not always make me feel terrible.

if u could just be thankful then. I dun feel like being treated like a kuli.

if u just didn't trigger my anger nerve that day then. I can congrats u coz u can answer ur math paper.

if u stop bully and stop torturing my feeling when i asked u about my hard disk then. I may not cursed u badly after that. soorrryy.

if u hate what I'm trying to say then. I'm truly ur friend. because strangers dont say this kind of stuff with no reason. a true friend does.

if u want to be my friend then. CAN WE BE FRIENDS FOREVER?or buzz me whenever u are free.

p.s:misses ur dorky and jerky jokes.

hope to c u when both of us represent our Uni. on that day, insya-Allah I will make u proud.

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