Thursday, May 3, 2012

Orange is our colour


so, this sem we had a photoshoot, eceh mcm model gituh. gediikk.
tangkap gambar kelas.
and our theme was ORANGE.

who came out with the brilliant idea.
well, that will be the ALMIGHTY

huhu, I saw Fatin(classmate) wore orange tudung on a Wednesday during lab Kimia. and at that particular time I was arguing with Ainn that our class dun need to have any theme colour because she was suggesting us to wear PURPLE,
and hanya budak2 di KMM sahaja yg tahu betapa rmainyer kelas yg buat PURPLE as their theme.
so since Fatin look nice in orange so I suggest orange.
and surprisingly there were no objections.....
hehe, bangga.

so these are the pictures.....enjoy....
p.s: we all looked nice, gorgeous and handsome for boys. bcoz they were wearing black. SMART!!!!sangat2.

intan kata kalau nak cantek kena crop gambar ni n buang gambar penyebuk kat kiri kanan uh.

 "belom ready la Intan"

huh???citer panas nih.who and who. hanya saya yg tahu.

me with the KP.

cute shot of the day.

one of my favourites. comelnyer kami berdua. huhu. 
Me and Khairi Nizar(JA)

Kak Echa and Izzat.
p.s: Izzat poyo.

ni after tangkap. just hanging out. snap sana.snap sini.

my hunny bunny and kak nani(MIA). sya sayang mereka-lah.

so inilah gambar kami. yg di-cuci telah di crop and di-edit. sgt di-edit. huhu. 

1st candid picture. then Ung and Akmal decide not to jump. huhu.

okey that's all. from me. 
This is Nik Camelia, class of S21T7, KMM1112.
over and out.

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