Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Scene.K2H

This is Nik, over. beeeeeeep

free time punya pasal.

I was going to write you a letter, but I have bad handwriting… Is this recording? Before, that kiss… I’m sorry. I was a coward. I’m dull and boring. I thought you would get sick of me, if I let you know. That’s why I was just going to keep my feelings to myself… I couldn’t do it. Since the first time I met you, I liked you. You were so free-spirited and confident. Qualities I don’t have. I thought tens of thousands of times… I wanted to be someone that you could like. I know I wasn’t a good match for you. That’s why I got the courage this time. I want to be someone that would be a good match for you. If you get to see this… No… It’s nothing. I’m sure you won’t get to see this. It’s not like I’m going there to die. I’ll return as a better man. I’m bringing this joke book. There’s no more of this boring man. Humor… Sense of humor. I’ll return bold and confident like you. And… When I return, I will tell you in person… I love you. Salute!
Eun Shi Kyung

HangAh: Why? Are you scared?
JaeHa: Yes. I’m scared of everyone except you. I can’t trust people.

JH: I want to ask one thing to you. You, do you like me or Eun Shi Kyung?
HA: I don’t know about that, but there’s someone that I hate.
JH: Lee Jae Ha? You know I hold a grudge. I’m going to take revenge on you for saying that. Are you ready for it?

JH: I’m going to shower you with kisses every morning. For revenge. I’m going to follow you around everyday like a stalker. I’m going to buy you everything you want. I’ll never cheat on you. I’m only going to look at you. I will never let you shed another tear drop. I will make you the happiest Queen in the world.    I will love you alone until the day I die. That’s my revenge. Can you handle that, my Queen? I’m officially proposing to you.

This is Nik Camelia.over and out.

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