Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute - Kings 2 Heart.

This is Nik, overrr...beeeeppp

last k-dram I watched will 
 The Kings 2 Hearts.

the story have a heavy element so its not suitable for all categories of viewers but still, the writers manage to selitkan, cute/funny scene.

Lee Jae Ha being naughty 

The king wink to his people.

The King and the knight(left) is having a cute fun together.when they both are together, K2H fans said that the situation is bromance

The Late King and the King.

x-tra large. coz I really like this picture. this picture was taken in a farewell part, before the south korean army go back to SK-lah. dlm dramala.

Kim Hang Ah try to cheer Lee Jae Ha(king) by dancing to beep bop song.funny+cute.

Lee Jae Ha face when he thought he was done with military but his brother put him to join another army course.

most favourite couple.

Disney/rock princess.

Lee Jae Ha taught Kim Hang Ah will fall for him easily.but he was WRONG.

this is not a cute or funny scene.it was really tense act.but when I was watching this part, other viewers comments was.
"you go girl"
"badass chick, i love her"
"kill the man,Hang-Ah"

Jae Ha was telling her sister, how Hang Ah act in front of eun shi keung, and it makes him jealous.

he threw the snow coz he thought Hang-Ah was trying to make him jealous. but act she was not.

fans fav scene.

earlier in this scene, Kim Hang Ah did not want to ride on it but end up, Jae Ha was the one having a hard time.huhu.

okay thats all for now.
This is Nik Camelia, over and out.

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