Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Adorable Andrew Garfield collection

This is Nik, coming to you live.over. beeeep

Assalamualaikum peeepppsssss.

so its been awhile.hehe

so here's my Andrew Garfield collection. 
so obviously, kalau dah ter-gila kan si Andrew Gardield maknanyer dh tgk spiderman laaaaa.huhu.
yes I did, and it was yesterday. movie review will be on different post so  


buerrrkkkk. :P to you too. hua3.

atotototot.omey nyerrr.

I can see YOUUUUUU!!!!


his nerd days. wait. his face is nerdy.

andrew goes round and round.

the moment where he mumbles and repeats his word. grr. comel. and HE SMILE AT THE SAME TIME.

laugh and laugh.

you British guy, you better keep it real in this industry. since you are a jewish Im not goin to be crazy over you but ONLY UR admirer.
ceh. type as if dier baca. grrrr.

ouh well. harap2 si andrew tak buat masalah yg akan memburukkan nama dier and

dear Andrew,
just marry Emma Stone, you guys are great.

This Nik Camelia.head over heels towards.
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

over and out.

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