Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is Nik, over.

Assalamualikum readers.
how have you been. its been awhile. neeeee.
ceh, ckp mcm blog ak ni blog artis. pui.
but who cares.
blog dri hati an. haha

today I wanna share about froyo.
as for the people who doesn't know what is froyo.
well it stands for frozen yogurt.

froyo start to jadi trending la katakan. dari tutti fruiti.
jadi, once a upon a time, tutti fruiti was one of the awesome thing that one can buy.

it attrts the attention of  a lot people maybe because of the way they sell it and the taste which is much tastier than healthy yogurt.

what I want to talk about is not tutti fruiti, its yogen fruz,
yogen fruz I think originated from U.S.A.
because, when I was searching for yogen fruz malaysia to like(fb term) them, I found Yogen fruz america
so thats how I guess it.

due to dato Lee Chong Wei's silver. thank you dato.
baskin robbins give out free ice cream, so did yogen fruz  but not many people knows about it. since, they have only 4 store in far. its still new. in malaysia.

yogen fruz offers 50% off at everything. haha. awesome kan. well not as awesome as free ice cream but its the only froyo that offers us something due to DLCW's silver.

the offer was on the 10th of august, from 9pm to 11pm. at 8.45 I was on my way to a hospital. totally forgotten about the offer. at 10.20, my mom reminds me of it. so I dah asak2 sume org utk balik.
well, Kuala Lumpur, the BASIC routine on the road.
Traffic JAM. seronok giler.

at 11pm, I was still stuck in traffic so i gave up hope,
at 11.23, my dad said why dont we give it a try, just pandu lalu depan kedai see if its still open.

and guess what. IT IS STILL OPEN.

I ran out of the car, and went into the store. the owner, a Malay women, was sitting there eating her ice cream and greets me.

since I always came to the store, so she basiclly knows me, but didn't catch my name.

she said it was too late and asked me, why I was late.
so I said I was at the hospital and there was  a traffic JAM,


she said, its okay, just take whatever you want. so.
I bought 1kg lemon RM 27

its big and heavy and yummy and tasty, and ergghhhhhhh. haha. segalanyer.

since I know this time will come, I bought the topping just to save some money, from the bakery shop in Melaka. everything was RM5 and below. its was worth it.

so I have the ice cream and topping, 

I made my own froyo at home.

 the result. hua3.

the froyo that i was talking about is.

so give it try. you can ask to taste it first though.

This is Nik Camelia, a fan of yogen fruz .
over and out,

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