Wednesday, November 28, 2012

he's all grown up.

This is Nik, comin in, over, beeeeeeppppp~~~~

Assalamualaikum readers. 
so Adam will be turning two soon. This monday, 3rd Dicember. huhu.
so here are some of his current picture.
lately he was not well. and I was so busy at Uni. when I went back to meet him, jarang sekali dier nak kat I. his mood was upside down. sometime I feel like he does not even recognize me anymore, sbb lama tak jumpa kan. he got my name and my sis nama mixed up the other day, but it is still okay, for me as long as we are  NOT strangers to him.

he knows how to do more cute faces.

obviously, haha. he knows how to pose.

he can sleep on his own now. he fell asleep when he was watching Tom & Jerry. hhaa, semangat tak, tgk citer tuh siap pakai baju Tom & Jerry gak. haha

he knows how to eat own his own.

he knows how to do MORE annoying faces.

this is what I trend-ed in my twitter. *matadam.
look at him. he like to that. when he does it. it means he's annoyed with sumthin, in this picture. he's annoyed with my sis who keep on asking him to look at the camera. haha.

this is him, before he was even 1 years old. huhu. 
I wrote about him already. the process of his lips surgery. his new born pic. n so on.

and, here's come the news.

on this weekend (early of December) Nik Adam will under goes one more surgery to close up the hole in is pallet(lelangit).I was hoping,my dear readers,can read this du'a out lout and say "amin"

praise to Allah, ya rahman ya rahim, permudahkan pembedahan Nik Adam Rayyan yg kali ke-3 ini supaya he will not go trough this pain again, Ya Allah.tabahkan la hati kecilnyer, kuatkan semangat nyer supaya die cepat sihat. 


This is Nik Camelia, 
over and out.

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