Sunday, February 24, 2013


This is Nik,comin in. over.


its been awhile. I was so busy with exams and doin nuthing during my holidays. haha.

its about at the end of february and I have this kind of mood swing. huhu. do understand. I'm a girl , I have hormones.
unstable hormones esp when it is about at the time of the month.haha.

I wanna post about it because, I think this time, my mood swing. is very BAD!.

it started on the last week of my holiday, tht will be 2 week b4 this post.

I got angry easily. but I dont over the border line yet. just, I want to get angry, be mad at almost evertyhing. but it was just only tht.
then the week after, my appetite went BIG.

i ate a lot.
everytime I eat, I will eat at a very little amount but, I get hungry very quickly after tht. if my tweet followers realize, I have been tweeting quite a number of the word. "LAPAR".

I dont even know why.
and lately. meaning beberapa hari yg lps. I have been "easily get mad + cepat lapar"
and saya cepat rimas. especially if people ask me a question repeatedly . =="

at some point I myself know why Im acting this way, easily emotional and so on.
for those girls who are reading this, if u are goin through the same situation as mine.
I just wanna say tht. for these period of unstable emotion. I suggest u stay away from others. see them when necessary only. haha. I avoid myself from people so tht I wont do anything or say anything stupid tht I will regret later. ok.

This is Nik Camelia.
over and out.


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