Monday, June 19, 2017

A Loss Person


Its controlling yourself from thirst and hunger.
Commonly used

I grew up in a family that eats rice for sahur.
and we still do

I am a young adult now.
I am fasting

I questioned myself, what I have benefited from fasting.

I lost weight.
Regained everything in three days of Eid.

Why am I fasting again?
Allah told me too.

Can I go one day without fasting? On purpose?
What will happen?

I thought of it.
Yes, I did.

I didnt do it because thankfully I am STILL AFRAID OF HIM.
I continue fasting.

 I pray.
 I pray hard.
 It all start in 2016.

Because I realize the beauty of Ramadan at 23.

I realized Allah has fulfilled everything I ask for.
So, what should I ask this year.
Why I dont feel like asking him anything? Why?
Am I that great?

I am not at peace. I am a sinful slave.
I am being punish.
I am not reminded by him to pray to him.

I loss the diamond looking at the pearl.

This is Nik Camelia Al Haded, over and out.

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