Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie review- Hachiko


a very interesting. light. relaxing. family movie. and sad.

teaches people the meaning of loyalty to the person we love...

base on a true amazing story.

the real time was in the 30's, awesome..

this movie was in cinema in the year 2009.

The main actor is Richard Gere.

This movie is the kind of movie that you watch during the time like after work or after school where you need to relax your mind and watch something that is not heavy.

The heavy type is like the movie Inception and the drama Criminal Minds, where you need to think at the same time you are watching.

while, Hachiko is a 'light' type of movie..
that you watch when you are doing nothing to worry about...

The story start in a classroom.
Richard Gere grandson in the movie was the narrator..
he told his classmate about the story between Hachiko and his grandfather and also why he chose Hachiko as his Hero.

in the movie Richard Gere died, Hachiko who was always waiting for him to come back after work at the train station didn't understand anything.
So Hachiko waited for his master, Richard Gere, at the same spot, same time, everyday. waiting for his master to come back.

Hachiko waited for 9 years.


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