Wednesday, March 16, 2011


pergh, I dont know what happen to my WHOLE family today.

when we were having dinner. we were so noisy.
we've never been that kind of noisy before.

Adam melalak + org berckp ngan nenek-ku(phm2 jer la) + aiman n aina minta tlg amekkan makanan + kakak ipar maen ngan anak, adam + kak yana ajak semua makan walaupun sume org dh ada kat meja + ak berebut ayam peha KFC.

when we were done with our dinner, my sis and my mom have a little chit chat with about...

apa ehhhh????urmm... Tiger Wood.... discuss psl Adam. Talk about Prof Alizan ( plastic surgeon Adam..).

when we are having the chit chat, there were time where I shouted , "oi, bising ah!!"

kak yana ada jerit, "DIAM, SEMUAAA!!!!!"
dia jerit sebab

AZAN Ishak, tu pun kali ke-4 dier jerit baru semua diam.

p.s: ak dh diam since die ckp awl2. huhu.

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