Wednesday, March 16, 2011


today I brought my two lil cousin to Petrosains, Aiman and Aina.

Aiman already been there last year, I think, so the reason we went there was because Aina tak pernah pergi.

I have to admit, its getting boring because the last time I went there was hujung tahun 2009.with fatiha and Athira.

so, today. its kind of boring because not many thing changes but there are some new stuff like the space part.

the only thing that is entertaining was tgk KEJAKUNAN Aina
n Aiman, walaupun dia dah pergi.

haha, and also there was this cute petrosains' worker at the space section, he was explaining about air pressure. at that time I was hoping I have a lot of cousin so that sorang2 I bawa test experiment dgn dier. haha.

oh yeah, I also got the chance to met up with my squash-mate,
and got myself and Aimaina a cute Button.huhu

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