Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Movie review - I am number FOUR


I bet many of you readers know about this movie. haha.

so my opinion for this movie is.

its worth the money, bayar tiket wayang.
1: the hero, Alex which is Number 4 is SUPER-DUPER hoWT.
2: the movie is about alien but this movie is different from any other alien movie, well except for TRANSFORMERS.

3: the stunt is superbly COOL(not an english word)
4: when Number 6 came(to the rescue), part ni memang best BTOL.
Number 6 is so awesome.

5: the villain is scary
6: quinn from glee is in the movie, act as the heroin.

7: the love story is cute(boleh la)
8: perangai heroin in this movie is different. quinn(tak tahu nama btol) suka camera.

9: dog yg jadi guardian Num. 4 , CUTE
10: Sam, supporting actor , watak dier COMEL. and I think with the help of Sam. movie tu lagi best kowt.
watak Sam awl2 was okay but when he knew that Number 4 was an alien, his character change.

Star: 7/10

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