Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Junior at Grand Millenium

if any of you readers are Super Junior (SuJu) FAN...then you all must know that they came to our beloved country Malaysia.

well, I heard from my sister that, at KLIA they didn't went out at the "arriving" door, so most probably, all of the fans that went to KLIA and waited there will be so disappointed .

and I also know that they stay at Grand Millenium, the HOTEL that my beloved broTher and SISter jadi member...hua3.

I could just use any of the coupon to get some reason so that I can eat there or use their GYM...

Can u just Imagine I can use the same GyM with them...
pihak hotel tak leh halau aku mcm peminat diaorg, ak kan member situ, waaaa bestnyer...

TAPI, no!
I need to go back to Melaka that Saturday, DAMN!!

if and only if, aku tak balik.

my profile picture today will be ME and Donghae....haha

p.s: saya jenis yg banyak berangan!haha!

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