Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Can you work"

i just knew that one of my squash-mate is working in PETROSAINS.

so, i buzz him for the first time(facebook) and start asking him how did he get the job in petrosains.
he told me everything about the Petrosains hiring proses.

then, i told my family about he working at petrosains.

i think yesterday maybe, we were chatting and i have a sudden question to ask....

but just so you readers know, the first stage when visiting Petrosains is riding a black capsule where the thing will move and they will show you a play.and some explanations about petrosains.

okay?back to the main point.
I asked my squash-mate here..

"eh, u masuk kerja macam mana?naik capsule tu ker?"
"mana ada, ada pintu belakang utk workers laaaa"

he replied just like that....
just like that. it wasn't a funny thing at all...

then just know i went out with my sis and her friend for dinner..
so, i told them the part when i asked the question.
they all laughed at me!
after that I knew,it was a silly question.

then my sis's friend said

"camelia ni boleh kerja kah?mcm budak yg tgk kartun lagi?"
yes, they all laughed AGAIN...

act i don't even know if i can work seriously...huhu..

p.s: my eldest sis already have been kept saying the same meaning like her friend dialogue but in different words since i apply kinokuniya, yes, since early of the year.

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