Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I called to ask them if they have any vacancies, GAP kids KLCC...

the person whom answer the phone said Yes then HE said that

"why dont you come here tomorrow, we can interview you and see how it goes"
"okay, Thank you"

yeah, i was totally excited. it was the first very phone call that i made to klcc.
then when i asked other stores, most are full.

the next day.
i get ready at 11 and went to klcc at 12, arrived 12.45.

my mom told to wear my sis wedges, I did.
pain in the ass, sakit giler kaki ku

klcc is not a small place, so I walked a lot and fast.
when i reached GAP store and told them that i came for interview.
they said.

"no vacant"

that's it!!
mcm shit btol.....

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