Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my first interview

i have been searching/looking for job vacancies since early of this year...

then, mph..popular...

when all the bookstore have no vacant, i apply at restaurant and also SPA....huhu

still. no no.

what to do?i'm unlucky.

then 5 march 11
watson desa setapak called

"nik can u come for interview this Monday"
"yes, of course"

i was so excited and thinking that maybe goin back to melaka gave me a little LUCk..huhu
i was in melaka when i get the call.

so, 7 in the morning, my mom woke me up and tell me to get ready, because my dad is goin out for work early in the morning so I need to go with him, if not i will have no transport to go to the interview.

I went to the wrong place first but thankfully the right place was not far so i walked to the watson with my sister...

when I reached there i was sweating badly, before i said to the watson worker that i came for interview, i just came in as customer to cool up.

then, I had the interview
it was more like explaining session.
I got the job act.
but i didn't take it, coz the watson didn't provide a praying room and there was no surau nearby,

Since then, i tried very hard to search for jobs, calling many stores and asking if there's any vacant.
hehe, mostly fulled.

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