Thursday, March 10, 2011

my art work-bday card

As you can see, benda alah kat atas nih, adalah collage( a mixture of various picture on one place)

yeah, i did it on my own. I print out all the Man Utd player ( yg mana ak kenal n minat sahaja) huhu, at varry sizes...

then, pandai2 susun lah lps tuh.

supposely, this is my Bday card to my friend which well a MAN UTD FanatiC, but then I asked Iman, Aisha and Athira if they are willing to pay me and share the card that I made.

hehe, I've been paid..
alah seringgit per person.

on the right is the the front part and one the left is the back part which is the wishing part, well I cannot show you that part because its kind of embarassing the way we wished her birthday and all the speeches that I wrote, well budak lagi kan.

I don't remember how she EXACTLY react when we gave her this card.

mybe she cried when she saw the FRONT PART, the pictures part.

well, Nadia how do you react that time, lupa lah?

1 comment:

  1. awwww <3
    time tuh korang sume tarik aku msuk kelas ..aku yg tgh beratur terpinga kejap .. then bila aisha kata ada brg nk bg , aku da pelik ?? sekali aku mcm WOOOOWWW bile tgk kad yg korg bg nie .. air mata membasahi bumi nyah ~ terharu (=
    p/s : nik,iman,aisha,tra and fatiha : thnx sgt2 and aku rasa tu hadiah paling istimewa kot wlupun ia sekeping kad <3<3<3