Sunday, March 13, 2011



I dont get PLKN, aku pun tak tahu nak bersyukur atau pun tidak, hehe

well, after I view some pictures from my facebook friends that went to PLKN, I'm kind of jealous, hehe..

this is BECAUSE, I've been menganggur for like ALMOST 3 months, now..
so It will be fun bila we CAN do something yang tak NONSENSE.

its just that, the people who came back from PLKN will be TANNED up, huhu.
I'm already tan so I don't need to be more tanned.
and the other thing is, PLKN's camp is always near the jungle/forest or whatever, surely it will be VERY3 dark during the night and I'm phobia of, ada bagus nyer juga ak tak dapat.

today, sunday,
my BFF is HOME from Kem Sembrong,
Aisha Hj Mat

huhu, looking forward to hear all her stories and bring her jalan2 at KL before result,

Oi makcik before khamis ni naek kl la, kita g naik HOT AIR BALOON kat putrajaya sama2!!

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