Sunday, March 13, 2011

SALE-aik selalu nampak

SOGO sale, haha.

I went there to accompany my sister and her friend, to Sogo to buy a wedding present.

at Sogo, I look around,
aik, SALE.

why is it sale?ada any special occasion ker?
hujung bulan?tidak jugak...

then I get excited because I pass by men's floor I saw they offer men's POLO shirt at RM15,
I want to buy one but when i checko,
CEH! A plain and hideous shirt is the RM15 one. The smart one is RM20 and I've been fooled.

then, I told my sis-in-law, that SOGO is on sale, so we went there today, Sunday.
she wants to buy Adam more clothes because he is starting to get bigger and longer.

yeah, we went there.
we shop.
i was not as excited as i was last friday.
I was tired, my eyes were tired.

it was early of the day so, i dont why am i tired.

so, pom-pam-pom-pam...
balik rumah...

then my sis said that, the sogo sale...
is not the clearence one so it was not as cheap as the clearence sale....

no wonder tak ramai tadi, biasanya
kalau Sogo sale...

sesak giler!

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