Monday, April 18, 2011

My SisTer-Nik Yana

olaa. readers.

lately ni, I noticed. that my sister is lovable person. The reason is that, I told my good fren about my sister because he wants to be military doctor. my sister is a military doctor.

i told him. many things about my sis. and he said " nak kwnlah dgn kakak nik"

and I was like, "aik??"

he said that he wants to know more thing about my sis and what she did or done in her service as military doctor.

okay, I'm okay with that. after awhile, I think a lot about my sister.
and I noticed that she's lovable person.

whenever there's a family gathering, my father side. she always shine!

I hope she's not reading this. ada KEMBANG KARANG.

earlier, she always gets PERHATIAN, I thought because she is a doctor. military doctor.

tapi tak, sbb dia jenis yg ...

warm person. nice to be with...kalau sapa yg pernah dgn dia tahu lahh...

well... malas nak ckp byk lagi....

tgk lah gambar2 kakak ku....

kakak ku and abe sedare ku (Kapten Nik and Lt Kdr Ezam)tentera darat and navy!

my sis in Navy ship. One of the thing that I jealous tgk dia dpt buat.

My kakak and her frens, and Also Mejar Faiz...kwn dia jugak

my sis in action

one of her picture yang I liKe

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