Monday, April 18, 2011

The Story of Ming 3!

okay, this MAYBE the last one about him.

I already decide to CONTINUE LIVING.

haha, to be honest. aku sedih bangat that he already have a girlfriend.
but, I try not to be lame.
LAME=suka giler dekat org yg kita tak knl.

tapiii, this situation will make one hell of history, haha.

if there's a person ask me, Have you fell in love with someone you barely know or a stranger?
my answer will be= strangely, yeah!haha

okay, about Ming. what I like about him are:


memang kena lah sume ciri2 lah yg aku nak for future husband.
cuma dia agak kurang INCI, huhu.

why I respect him so much is that.

when he's single, he do how single boy do, flirtatious.
but now, when he's not single. he became a boy whom is not single. cuma dia tak tukar2 lagi status dia.aish!.

he really loves the gurl, his gf.
he enjoys loving her. well, it's pain in the ass reading his blog tapi somehow at the same time I LIKE that he fills that way. I hope he will not cheat on her on she will not cheat on him. if this cheating thing occur, I will change my PANDANGAN saya terhadap dia.

because, I put myself at her gf place. UNTUNG babe ada bf mcm dia.haha I think so.

if any of you readers wonder how I now so much about him. well.
I read, gali, tanya, read and read.

without be-friending with him, I udah tahu banyak benda psl dia.
haha. well, family ku kata aku paling kepochi and busy body. so bab2 amek tahu psl org and stalking ni, kacang. I'm not an amateur.

well, I'm pro either. OKAY saja.

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