Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recap-Sonny with a Chance

I must say : CERITA NI BEST!!!

for the 1st season, rambut Demi Lovato which is Sonny in this story, colour brown.

for the 2nd season, rambut dia black. I have to be honest. I dont like it.
as a supestar, DEMI LOVATO sesuai rambut hitam . but Sonny tak sesuai rambut hitam.
its like, Sonny became wild.
dlm second season, I dont know, but I think Demi puts on heavy make-up. nampak tak kena dgn watak Sonny.

jln cerita dia semakin BEST.
second season lah yang dia dan Chad mula bercintan...hehe...

at Disney Channel, Sonny with a Chance tayang from Monday to Friday at 12 midnight.
sekarang ni episode 6, season 2.

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