Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

just wanna share the Fairy Tale Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
After the ceremony at the Westminister Abbey was done, now they are
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
awesome right.
How a commoner becomes a princess.

I succesfully found the picture of the Wedding cake. I hope its the real one! coz from the picture it looks AWESOME.
They supposed to kiss one time for the first time, in front of public at the balcony, at the Buckingham Palace but they kissed twice.
It just make all the people around the world HAPPY.
eventho, it is very tiring to watch the almost 7 hours live show but it just worth it. yer la, part boring2 tukar la.

Kate's dress was simple and FANTASTIC. I think she loss weight because her face was kind of smaller. well, yet still she looks gorgeous. I bet many people adore her beauty. like me.

conclusion: It was a great wedding. proper planning. and Happy Ending. for today 29th April 2011 sahaja lah, happy ending. we'll see how long they will be together and will there be WILLIAM Jr. or KATE Jr.

looking forward for the future.haha

p.s: our honourable Agung and Pemaisuri Agung also attended the wedding. thumbs UP!!

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