Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Story of Ming!

hehe. I went to this one place in KLCC. tak boleh bgtau. to much info. haha

well.. he(ming)'s in the section where they need to explain 'things' to customer/visitor.

my nephew went to him first and when i knew that he went to Ming, I was like
"alah, kenapa dia pergi ni. nanti dier tak phm karang"

so I went to them(ming and Aiman)
Ming was explaining things to Aiman(my nephew) and asked Aiman to try do things..

before he asked Aiman to do the 'thing', I watched the way he did it. 'things' ni kerja tangan tau. so as Ming explain, saya tgk lah tgn dia. and I was like.

"eeeeee, mcm soft jer tgn dia"dlm hati

to be honest, at first I malas nak cuci2 mata dekat tempat KLCC nih. hehe

then, after I said those word. I pown tgk lah muka dia.
seblm ni ada gak tgk tapi mcm acuh tak acuh.haha.

bila tgk BETOL2
hensem plak.

I LIKE!haha.

after Aiman was done.
well, I kan ada a little licik.haha.

I bawa Aina dekat Ming so that Aina can do what Aiman just did.
dlm makna laen, I got another chance to tengok dia sekali lagi. and be close to him.

if any of you readers, pikir I gatal. I have to say. tak kira pompuan alim mana. sume gatal.
kalau tak mcm mana nak kahwin.haha.kan2?

p.s: saya tgh jadi normal girl. A girl who fall in love at first sight.
well, bukan love la. SUKA jerrrr.

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