Friday, August 5, 2011

Trans Studio ker???Universal Studio??hemm??

hye, so lately ni I've been thinking about going on vacation after finishes my matriculation program. eceh, baru mid-sem nyer exam habes harituh. dh berangan jauh2. haha. elek ah.
oleh itu, as u all can see. I want to go to Universal Studio Sg and Trans Studio, Bandung. but bajet kan, so kena lah pilih antara dua tempat awesome nih. in other words, I need ur help. :)

ke tiga-tiga gambar dia atas are the pictures from USS. My sis said that the revenge of mummy(1st pic) was awesome. laen dari laen. my sis kata, the ride was dark, tiba-tiba ada pai atas kepala, panas giler, lps tuh tiba-tiba jatuh. adui ai, mcm awesome jer bunyi dia. geram aku. the funny thing is, the pic of my sis riding those thing were hell funny. muka diaorg CUAK giler. haha.
maap, yer. saya kata org lbh, saya pown penakut gak. huhu.
second pic is the Land of Far Far Away, yg dlm Shrek tuh. huhu. dh mcm ala-ala disneyland gituh kan. tapi castle hanya utk bergambar sahaja. totally, NO ENTRY!
and the last awesome and interesting pic is the galactica........ amenda tah!.
pergh this one really menguji kesabaran gua, man!ayayayayay.

AS for Trans Studio di Bandung Indonesia plak. It is still new. tak tahu la plak ke-ba-haruaan dier tuh advantage or disadvantage la kan.
The thing that I like about this place is that the entry fee is way much cheaper than USS, BUT there will be lots and lots of people sbb kemurahan dia. so I check up for the express ticket. the price went triplet. hua3.
my sis said that, going to Sg. is way much better.

but still, tgk la tempat dia, mcm dh nak equally sam awesome dgn USS. the first pic, the roller coaster ride. absolutely going to be effing FUN. huaaaaaaa.
the giant swing seem to be interesting but yg I naik dkt funfair pown dh mcm nak tercabut nyawa. so I cant imagine myself riding that thing again.
tetapi, saya sangat3 nak naik ride yg ala pyramid tuh. the last pic. in the official websites it says that it is a a wet ride, coz people are going to ride on a boat and fell from 13m height. hehe. awesome!!!.

so readers, do help me. Daaaaaaa

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