Friday, November 4, 2011

Practising MUET Speaking on the last day

Assalamualaikum readers,

well cut short the story eh. all the person including me, have to sit for our speaking test for MUET on the 18th of October. we all had our last practise on the 17th at night. hell damn, all the classes and banches/tables in front of the library were fulled. kami dh mcm anak kehilnagan mak bapak, naik sana turun sini.
so finally jumpa satu kelas yg tak ramai org and bertembung ngan Acap. so I buzzed him and ajk dier join practice speaking sekali. disebabkan semua tgh cuak nak exam the next day so, tak berapa nak betul sgt laaa cara kitaorg practise. sbgai contoh, in the second pic, the guy yg pegang dahi dier tuh nama dia Ja, well  nama betul dier bukan Ja cuma kitaorg panggil dier Ja, well JA ckp ayt ni waktu turn dier kena present his point in the first practise that we've done. "I DONT HAVE ANY POINT" bwahahahahaha.
ayat dier mcm tu laaaa ataupun " I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY". ayat dier ala2 yg mcm tuh laa, yg nik igt apa yg dier ckp tuh buat nik gelak besar, haha.
so saksikanlaaaaaa........

thank u for reading!

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