Saturday, March 10, 2012

Auntie misses U.

feeling any better? the way to soothe ur ache is by doing thing that naturally makes u smile.
for example. when I looked at my nephew's picture, hanya Allah sahaja yg tahu how relaxing, calm yg saya boleh rasa. al maklumlah, makhluk yg tak berdosa agi kan.

Adam with his gorgeous eyes. My papa said that its dangerous for a guy to have such charming and eye-catching, beautiful eyes.

my boo loves to eat nowadays, dah ada 3 gigi katakan.

"Adam SMILE" 

Smile la, Adam niiiiiiiiiiii
Auntie came out form college still in baju koku semata-mata nak jumpa awok, mu tau dok?
hua3.pengorbanan Auntie, tak mandi pown taw. (LIC) huhu.

thats all for now. daaaa

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