Saturday, March 10, 2012

perasaan hati-tired

Yes, I'm tired.

I'm really tired.

Tired trying to jaga hati perasaan org laen.
it was not hard at the beginning but maturity makes it harder.
19 years old dont just listen to other 19 years old advice, biarpun kawan se-hidup se-mati
nama pown satu hidup satu lagi akn mati.

19 years old's heart is hard to poke even with the sharpest needle.
the only way is to
and I hate doing that.

and I also tired of trying to make moment yg memorable tuh selalu, coz I other people are not up to it like me,
turned down.
I wished I can turn people feeling upside down. I think I did but I didn't notice it.opppssss.but mostly I DONT. how can I say that. bcoz I know I dont.


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