Saturday, May 12, 2012

mama saya annoying

This is Nik, over~.

mama saya annoying

if she was not annoying.

I will not attend the Praying camp that thought sunah Rasulluah saw in solat.

I will not attend Dato' Fadzilah Kamsah's camp that thought me the healthy way of learning and at the same time remember Allah.

I will not have enough energy to go through my busy college life coz there's no one forcing me to drink essence of chicken(yg rasa dier no komen tuh) EVERY MORNING.(seronokkan)

I will not be beaten up because of not praying.

I will be not be so ashamed not knowing the name of sahabat Rasulluah but memorize all the celebrities name.(aihhh).

I will not know how tough my eldest sis and my bro lives when they were small.

I will not have people to talk too when I was terribbly sad coz I was rejected from being an athlete kakom representing squash.

I will not have people to talk too when I dont know what to do when i can't cope with my studies.

I will not have people that remind me not to be show-offer(riak).

I will not have people yg risau giler dekat kite walaupun kiter selsema jer.

I will not have people that make me listen to IKIM fm and watch tv alHijrah.

I will not have example of people in my life yg bersungguh-sungguh changed themselves to be a better.

I will not have people to comment on my style(???)(she told me to change my boyish style, ma please)

to conclude.

tanpa dier siapalah saya.

yg tahu bezakan baek dan burok. yg tahu benda yg buat dier marah so tht sya tak buat. yg tukang tenangkan ribut di rumah. yg tlg sedarkan dier biler dier buat slh. yg .........(biar sya sja yg tahu).

ya Allah, entri ni buat gua sebak.sobs3.

Happy Mother's Day.

dgn niat ingin appreciates my mama dgn secara SPECIAL nyer.  bukan niat ikut agama laen yer.
biar kiter smbut dgn sederhana shja yer peeps.just dua' for her so that we can meet her again in Jannah.

ok fine. itu adalah lukisan ku pukul 12 tgh mlm oke. 
hmm. no komen. 
kah3. saya nak lukis gambar sya pkai retainer, dh jdi laen mcm plak.
dh mcm chucky bertudung plak.

pe2 jerla.
that's all from me. 

This is Nik Camelia daughter of Seridaryati binti Mohd Kassim.
live 44 min on 2012 Mother's day.

over and out.

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