Friday, May 11, 2012

touching moment

Assalamualaikum peeps.

watch the above video.
the 6 years old boy parents was told that he cannot walk. like forever in his life.because he has a cerebral palsy. which is????just google it.
when his father went to Afghanistan. bcoz of his Marine duty.
the boy learn how to step at a time.
according to what his mom said.
and when his dad was back.
the very first time he met his dad after so many months.
was the very first time in history the boy walked.really people. if u are not awed by that moment, I can say tht u are not human being.

the 6 years old boy surely prove the proverbs

"when there's a will. there's a away."

I'm really touched by the vid, seeing how almost a perfect man(because he's soldier right). can be so soft-hearted when he met his own son.

I think if I watched it alone, surely I'm goin to cry but.
kakak ku tunjuk videonyer when I was busy watching lord of the ring at the ruang tamu.bajet maskulin.

seriously, I repeated the video over and over again.
Ilike the way his father hugged him. the way his father smile at him.
woooowwww. so touched.

so that's for now,
this is Nik Camelia that has been touched deeply by the video above.
live from setapak.
over and out.
Assalamualaikum. sobs3.

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