Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amazing Yeoja.

This is Nik , overr...beeeeppp.

in my previous post I said that I have been googling Ha Ji Won's name for like 3 days in a row.right. I think I already becomes her fan. haha.

this is what I found.

Ha Ji won's me2day,
like seriously. I signed up for me2day just so that I can view her profile. I'm becoming nuts.

since I'm a member of me2day. I followed Lee Min Ho. Gu Gye Soon. Son Ye Jin. Song Hye Kyo. Onew Shinee.hehe.

then, I followed jiwon's twitter, only to find out that she was more active in her twitter account. huhu.and the tweet was all in english, while me2day is in korea. but still i kind of do not understand her tweets, it looks like she google translate it.huhu.

after more googling. I found a blog that was all about her. in other words I found another jiwon's 

she is just so loveable.

right?nice smile.

this is Nik Camelia.
over and out.

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