Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is nik...(beeeeep)

Assalamualaikum peeps.How are u?its been awhile since my last post.I was kind of lazy and busy watching korean drama.During my holiday, the fist kdrama that I watched is Secret Garden.

a romantic soul swapping drama. it has 20 episodes.since my sis in law bought the original cd so i kind of skipped most of the boring part so I finished watching in 2 days.huhu.the drama was different than the others but kind of slow for me. thats why most of the time I fast forward, huhu.

next is.

The Kings 2 Heart.

this movie is more about political other than the romantic love story. so the element for the drama its kind of heavy. but the thing that I like about this drama is that between the political issues they inserted the romantic part which surprisingly suits. understand?if not just try and watch it.
the main actor will be Lee Seung gi and Ha Ji won. Ha Ji won is older than Lee Seung gi, I think about 9 years apart. but the chemistry is still there. My sister said to me that in all Ha Ji Won's drama she nailed it.Most of her drama was a big hit in korea. surprisingly she always has the chemistry with the actor that she worked with. 

as you can see both the drama that I watched in my holiday, is Ha Ji won's Drama. after done watching the Kings 2 Hearts. it has been 3 days in a row I google Ha Ji Won's name. huhu.
I was amazed by her acting. like seriously, both her character in the drama above is way different. In secret garden, well she is a typical korean poor girl but in the Kings 2 Heart she was North Korean and an officer for the special arm forces in north other word,she's a badass chick. which I found fascinating.huhu.

so. in my free time I did this.

I still have the spirit of the Kings 2 Hearts in me.haha.

that's all for now. toodles.

this is Nik Camelia a fan of Yeoja(Ha Ji Won).
over and out.


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