Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hari Pencuri Sedunia.10th June.

This is Nik over. beeeeppp
Assalamualaikum. peeps.readers.

today is the 10th of June. and I will like to declare that today as Hari Pencuri Sedunia.

I just like to say congratulations to all the robbers out there that are capable of spoiling people's mood whom are tired, and have work their ass out to gained money. 
peeps. kalau korang ada internet,facebook especially. korang mesti ada nampak dekat wall korang, friends share this photo. friends share this link and friends share this story/notes. If you are a concern human being, mesti korang akan baca notes yg tajuk nyer berunsur-unsurkan "sumthing u need to take care of"

for example(benda yg saya baca).
"kalau ada kertas block pemandangan driver, jangan keluar dri kereta semata-mata untuk amek kertas, coz its a trap, just wiped it with wiper"
"kalau cermin kereta kena baling telur, jgn cuci dgn air kereta yg keluar dri depan tuh, coz it will get worse.lps cuci kesan telur, the window will be all cloudy."
"kalau perempuan berseorangan,dan keretanye dilanggar di belakang oleh motorcyclist, DO NOT GO OUT OF THE CAR, to check upon the cyclist"
"kalau dekat stesen minyak, jangan letak kunci dekat tempat start engine waktu tgh sebok isi minyak"
"kalau tayar tiba-tiba berasap,jangan panik"


and bla3.kalau nak ikutkan, waktu awal2 jadi driver igtkan ada satu dua cerita rupa nya ada banyak sangat cerita, maybe will be more than thousands. cerita si pencuri ni, kalau dari pihak ayahku saja dah ada 2, kalau sume driver dlm malaysia mempunyai kisah pencuri lebih dari dua, acaner tuh.

my papa first story will be,
papaku di-hypnotise oleh couple foreigner berpura-pura tak tahu rupa RM50 so my papa dgn secara tidak sedarnya mengeluarkan duit dan menunjukkan duit tu pada mereka. and after they were gone, my papa was sweating and he had a bad feeling so he checked again the amount of money form his pocket. he had lost RM300. the incident was right in front of my bare eyes.hell tricky man.

second will the actual story that support the title of this post.

on the 10th June, my family and I inc my nanny, exclude my bro and sis-in-law and Adam. went to tasik titiwangsa for riadah la katakan. to be honest I dont feel anything bad was goin to happen.   

after we have done with our riadah. these so called people who have brain but use it the wrong way(pencuri) telah bawa lari sume duit papa, mama and sis Iz left their wallet in the car and hid it.
but the situation was kind of "hid and found" instead of "lost and found". sume pelosok habis digeledahnyer. 
after riadah we went to Pasar Tani Danau Kota to buy breakfast. my parents starts to realize they lost all their money went my papa wants to pay for their food. 
He opened his wallet and all the flies came out.

total empty. nothing was left except for all the cards and license and ic too.
my papa and mama, came to us and said they dont have any money left. if I were to write more detail about the incident, this post will be panjang berjela-jela.
in conlusion, our morning was spoil at 9 o'clock, when the Pencuri took an amount of RM300++ from my family.

bila aku fikir yg masa sekarang ayah ak tgh busy nak handle majlis besar nih, n my mom yg nak guna segala duit yg utk ke haji ni and my sis yg baru bekerja ni. I feel like giving flying kick at the Pencuri.
but what to do, I might lose my leg. manusia zaman sekarang amat kreatif bab mengtorture orang. nih.


I was on my way back to Melaka sending my sis Iz back home, then accidentally met my Aunt who lives in Melaka at R&R Nilai. so from there my sis just tumpang her back.

it was around after asar at the R&R.
at my home KL, I was facebooking and googling and so on. 
after maghrib. my aunt who took my sis called. listening to her voice, I thought she was sicked. she asked if my mama was around but my mama was praying so she asked if my elder sis, Kak Yana was around. and I said yes and hand the phone to her. 

then mula la.

"eh, kenapa"
"bila jadi ni"
"apa yang hilang"
"Auntie kat mana sekarang"

cuak3.tau tak. I dun bloody care if anyTHINGS was lost, just wishing that no one was hurt. after my sis hang up, then I knew that

my Aunt's house was broke in. she lived just next to her in-laws. both of the houses ware broke in.
all the tv, lappy and money are GONE.
sadkan. I guess my auntie will be so sad and terrified right now.
the incident occured when my aunt and her in-laws went to Penang for a wedding ceremony. 
here at kl, I thought

"berbanding dengan benda yg jadi dkat auntie dgn kitaorg, auntie nyer lagi teruk"
"kejadian curi pagi2 tuh its like nothing"

coz u know why people. 
benda yg kami kena tuh, mereka pecah masuk kereta, tapi auntie saya ni, mereka pecah masuk RUMAH.

how do u feel when the place that u thought was safe enough is a place u might lose ur life.

I'm thankful to Allah that no one was hurt.
and peeps. if any of this bad things happen to you.
just say 

*my mom said that if you lose ur money, maybe because you havent paid ur zakat.

if u want tips how to handle this kind of robbery is.


n jgn berdoa then melantak jer. 
after today, kami akan lebih practical.
for example:

bila kami pergi riadah, kitaorg just bawa small wallet yg kitaorg boleh bawak sekali keluar bila berjogging.with reasonable amount of money.huhu.

that's all I want to share. penat siot buat post nih.sori la kalau tak phm. cuba phmkan lah.yer.

This is Nik Camelia, over and out.

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