Thursday, June 7, 2012

The TGV Avengers

This is Nik,over............beeeppp.

so peeps do u still have the avengers fever?hehe.
here are some pictures I wanna share.

my sis bought this avengers tumblr from TGV.
well we watched avengers on the first day it was on cinema but at Cinema near by the curve there.coz every where else nearby was fully book.
The nearest TGV will be at Wangsa Walk. because we have these Avengers fever, we went all the way to Wangsa Walk to buy this.huhu. i dont act remember the price for one tumblr but for the whole set I think its about RM60++. I think. and I'm not sure if it still on sale since it is limited edition stuff, right?

the content will be drinks of coz but on top of the tumblr as u can see,there are compartment where they put mini hotdogs. 

that's all.

This is Nik Camelia, an avengers fan.
over and out.


  1. makcik...kita tgk dkt Cineleasure laa
    aiks...dh nyanyok ka???