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Kings 2 Heart

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assalamualaikum peeepsss.

so I will be posting about the kdrama that I have just finished watching it.

so Ha Ji Won was Kim Hang Ah.
Hang Ah is a military officer in North Korea. she's in the special forces or in Malaysia we call it, Commando. being a very strong woman, Hang Ah faced a difficulties finding her husband-to-be. Every arranged date that she went through was a failure as the north Korean men are not into woman that is stronger than them.In the early episode of this drama, she went on a date,when the guy tried to kiss her, she automatically grabs his mouth, a self defense instinct I guess. so that was her misery.but as an officer she excels in every single thing. which make many fan love her character. most of the male fan said things like "who will not fall for this kind of chick" and "I want to make her my wife too".
from the fans feedback, we can know that Jiwon did a great job in her acting.

the next leading lady will be Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin.
her character early in the drama will be the rebellious Princess that does not like being followed by the royal guard 247. she was a singer. fun-warm-loving character. many people love her character as she was very nice to Kim Hang Ah. she even set up her own brother(the Hero) so that her brother confess his feeling towards Hang Ah. but then, there were some conflicts in the drama. she was caught by the bad people whom killed his elder brother(the initial King in the beginning of the drama). because of an incident, she was paralyzed. throughout this drama, her acting was saluted as she brings the character of a person who is having a trauma from an awful accident becomes was amazing.

the leading male.the hero. Lee Seung Gi as Lee Jae Ha.
in the beginning of the drama, his character was hell ANNOYING, many people dislike it. well it shows he did a great acting as he act like a real jerk. for starters, he do not like Kim hang Ah. he even told her that she was not woman. huhu. then, slowly after that his feeling starts towards Hang Ah starts to grow. When Jae Ha was little he kept on saying "I dont want to be king" and "I wont let anything happen to you brother because I dont want to be King, you have to be the King"

the guy in the center is the Jae Ha elder brother. The initial King. the King that suggested the whole idea of bringing peace together with north Korea and South Korea.
unfortunately, he died. After that very sad moment, the story-line of this drama start to heat up as Jae Ha the one who doesn't want to be the King is forced to be the King of south Korea. earlier, his character was immature, after being a king, he start to be mature and taking everything seriously especially his feeling towards Kim Hang Ah. when he shows his love towards Kim hang Ah, that makes the drama SO SWEET.
being a king with an IQ 187, makes the drama more interesting as we will be so anxious to find out how he will handle the problem that he faced.

next leading male will be Jo jeong Seok as Eun Shi Keung.
as normal. this will be like the second hero. because at the begining of this drama, jae ha was a jerk, many viewer fell in love with Eun Shi Keung as his character is like a very ideal husband to be.
he was supposed to take care of the King at the beginning then Jae Ha likes him being around so he hired him as his bodyguard. being a royal guard he also take care of Princess Jae Shin.
The love story between Jae shin and Eun Shi Keung was fans favorite. sadly, he died in the last 2 episode. his death made a lot of viewers become insanely mad. haha.
his character was a boring and frustrating man. haha. jae Ha and Jae shin kept saying that to him but he never took it seriously. 
to conclude, i just love watching his part when he's with the is so sweeettt...

so thats all from me
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