Wednesday, June 6, 2012

typo freaks.

This is Nik, overrrr~~~~ beeeeepppp....

Assalamualaikum peeps.

in this post I'm goin to talk about my friends yg typo freaks.
in other word. tidak boleh menerima kenyataan apabila saya slh eja satu ayt pown.

 above pictures are the proves.
eeeeee.annoyingla. hahaha.
yg page facebook tuh.
comment sepanjang sungai nil tuh. its all about Mr Yusuf(the one yg wrote on the wall) terslh eja teringat , dier eja terinag.

the funny part will be when the one who initially made jokes about ur typing error made a typing error too. haha.
bak kata pepatah.

Hukum Karma.
what u did u get it back.

this Is Nik Camelia. huhu.
over and out.

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