Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadhan Note: Terawih

This is Nik, over.
Assalamualaikum readers.

today Im goin to talk about terawih.
wahai anda2 sume, rasanyer ader sbb tak knpa imam selalu igtkan kiter utk rapatkan saf. seriously, when I was praying its one of the thing that made me hilang fokus... biler tgk saf dpn mata tak rapat, well for some of you, you might think the distance u stand between the jemaah next to you is the closest but act RAPATKAN saf means bahu anda mesti sentuh bahu org sebelah la.

that is what I learn from kem solat that I went when I was in from 4. I may have a lot of ilmu  about islam, n Im not proud of tht but for this one simple thing that I (19 years old girl) know, I was hoping the people older than me knows about it too. but what can we do, laen org laen benda yg kita tahu  n tak tahu.

so secara basic nyer, atau conclusion nyer. Im sad with my self coz I cannot approach them and tegut mereka2 to stand nearer, itu fasal I was hoping the people older than me knows about it coz, biler ckp sumthing yg org lg tua tak tahu sumtime nampak mcm disrespect sikit. la that is what Im afraid of.

pandangan serong.

even though it is not a good reason.

for those people who is reading my post here. i was hoping you guys n girls are stronger than me. amin.

we need to be tough and brave enough to do the right thing WHEN WE KNOW IT IS 100% RIGHT.ok.

this is Nik Camelia.
over and out.


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