Sunday, July 29, 2012

watch your manner and mouth.

This is Nik, over.

Assalamualaikum readers.

do anyone of you know Asperger syndrome.

Asperger syndrome mcm lack of gene or ter-extra gene I think, but its one of the syndrome yg meng-klasifikan seseorg itu tidak normal.

If you watch parenthood at starworld, ther's one boy in there act as if he has asperger.

what I want to talk about here is that.

there's one day when I was in a lift nak naik tingkat 2, i think, then there's one family , a father, a mother and one little boy around 6-7 years old,

this boy didnt stay quietly in the lift,so I thought it was normal, ala budak2.

at the first floor, the boy came out, and the parents said that,

no2.this is not our floor, come back in.

and the boy said.

no2!!its here.... 

hentak2 kaki,

with a loud voice, then when his parents came out of the lift, he looked around. and said

no2, this is not it. 

then he ran towards our lift when the door was closing. we didnt press the "open" button. so he didnt make it. when the lift moves upward, I heard his cries.

at that time I felt weird already.asl budak ni nyer nakal mcm tak normal ekh.

what act make me remember this moment is because of one lady in the lift.

after the lift's door was close,
she said.

hmph, padan muka.
n she smiled at her bf or husband, whoever he is.
dri reaksi mukanyer dan cara dier ckp tuh, mcm kejam sikit la.

at the 2nd floor, my sis and I came out, and my sis (a dentist) said that the boy have asperger syndrome.
n I was like no wonder laaa..

so, what I meant by the title watch your manner and mouth is that,...

jaga tingkah laku anda dan mulut anda, aik??direct translation. mmg membantu.
ader sbb kenapa saya bercerita.
 if you are wise enough, you will get the moral of the story la.insha-Allah.

my actual point is that, janganla meng-assumekan sesuatu perkara itu benda yg tak baik, if only the parents of the boy heard what the lady just said, can you imagine how they feel.

budak asperger ni selalu buat decision yg tak tentu arah, kalau base on the parenthood drama la. n kalau dier suka satu benda, HANYA BENDA TU JER LA yg dia akan suka selama-lamanya,
contohnyer budak dlm parenthood suka lizard. kalau dier buat hal, parents dier offer dia lizard so that dier tak buat hal lagi. faham tak.

just be nice and kind and think positive. its not hard. when you usaha to do so.
let the malaysian people be list as the people with kind heart.

This is Nik Camelia, over and out.

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