Thursday, August 30, 2012

facial hurts me

This is Nik, over.
Assalamualaikum readers.

I want to share my first facial treatment.

haha, it was awkward. very awkward....I have to say.

the kakak, yg in-charge, feel my awkwardness.haha. she told me to relax.haha.

the facial treatment had so many step, I tried to memories, all the things she was doing to me, so that I can do it to my sis at home, but, at the steaming step. I slept.
even though, the steam was hot, but because the surrounding was cold, the steam just made me sleepy.haha.

the thing she put one my face, well. I think there were 8 things, but I only remember 3, haha. cleanser,scrubs and mask. hehe. the basic.

the was one step where, they SQUEEZE ALL, the blackheads and white heads out, for me. I had some on my forehead. so, she warns me to heads up coz its goin to hurt. and it did hurt. especially there's one special blackhead at my cheekbone. the pain was as if she was trying to break my cheekbone, stubborn blackhead. ergh.

then after the squeezing step. I felt an electric shock. IT WAS AN ELECTRIC SHOCK. she pointed at all the places she squeezed, so that the spot will stop to it was like, bang3. and I was like, ouch3. haha.

the conclusion for my first facial will be, I dont like the massaging part. it was not.satisfying. take note: I am very good at massaging, not a pro, but my hands are pretty strong. so I was expecting she can do better than the way I do on my OWN face, but it was the opposite. other than that, everything was very good, ouh, except, the water she offered me. I drank it half way until I notice there was an ant at the bottom of the glass.

I was just trying this facial treatment because, this place is using the dermalogica product and the treatment is cheap due to their spa's opening at setapak. hehe

so, if u want to try, then just try it, if not. dont bother. it is not tht GREAT, its just very good.

This is Nik Camelia, over and out.

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