Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is Nik,comin in.

Assalamualaikum readers. how has it been.? :)

in ths post I would to share about a guy name p'shone.
if any of you readers watched the movie " A Little Thing Called Love" , I think you will be SO FAMILIAR with that name, am I right. dont bluff. pui.

so the guy who act as p'shone is Mario Maurer, disebabkan dier hensem sangat, jalan cerita movie tu yang biasa2 jer, jadi sgt best. haha. honestly speaking. cerita tuh memang mendatar jer plot nyer, tp bila Mario tuh muncul. beep3!!!!hhaha. meletup-letup!
tujuan post ni adalah utk cerita kat korang yang I have a classmate yang namanyer ADA pishon jugak kat dlm.haha. sbb capslock "ada" tu adalah kerana, nama dier panjang.

so here's Mario Maurer.

and here is my classmate, Gadd Francis Pishon Hope.


in UPM, we have this event where all the first year student must attend, it is called, Starting School. We were seperated from our coursemate, but I get to be in the same group with him.
When the faci, went around the classroom to look at our attire, she was inpressed with his LONG name, so she said it out loud to the whole class. All the girls got excited. mcm ni. "pishon" "PISHON" "pishoonn~~".
haha. the thing is the event was in September if Im not mistaken, after that, in the class, kitaorg ada gak panggil dier pishon2, actually, we call him Gadd, only yesterday I knew that, dier tak kenal p'shone pelakon thailand sapa. and I was like. laaaa~~~ yerke. haha. no wonder, tak layan biler org jadi excited dgn nama pishon dier . semenanyer mmg dier tak layan pown. 
"I dont give a damn" katernyer. pui ah, pak gadd. haha.

ok, itu jer. free time pagi2. :).
ouh yeah, the only thing that both have them have in common will be MUKA JAMBU.
Mario, is quit tall kan, 180++. but my fren here.ketinggian dier.. hmm. .........tetttt.........
ampun gadd ampun.

ok, thats it.
This is Nik Camelia, over and out.



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