Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pain Killer.

This is Nik,comin in overr...

Assalamualaikum readers.
so, as in my previous I stated that I get shoulder ache, pretty badly from kayak-ing and volleyball-ing.
and I went to the doctor and so on....

I want to talk about PAIN KILLER.

the name of the pain killer given to me was Arcoxia.

ok. do u know panadol.?
ok  do u know celebrax? another type of pain killer.

as for what I know. kekuatan ubat dier gini.

panadol is less than celebrax. celebrax is less than ARCOXIA.
I dont know if there's any pain killer exist. I think they do. but whtever.
What I want to talk about is, my sis said that Arcoxia is a very strong pain killerrrssss..
the one whom she know takes this medicine is the one with KNEE pain. and severe headache if Im not mistaken. so it is kind of scary taking this ubat earlier sbb effect dier giler kuat but

I tried to avoid taking it. I think previous night when I was suppose to take my muscle relaxant and arcoxia before going to sleep I just ate the muscle relaxant.
and end up.

suffering from a very annoying pain. from 1.10 am until 3.00 am. I cant fall to sleepp. that what makes it more annoying. sangat. ergh!. kalau sakit, tp blh tido laen citer taw!

at 2.30 sumthin I cant stand the pain. terpaksa telan jugak.

moral of the story. kalau doc dah kasi ubat tuh. mkn jelah. dah sakit buat cara sakit. tak payah try nak avoid sakit. sbb mmg tgh sakit. ==" .
as for my case semanayer bkn doc sengaja kasi ubat pain killer yg kuat tuh, sbb ubat tuh jer yg berkesan utk hilangkn pain di bahu ku ni. tu pown kadang2 makan. terasa sikit lagi kot, pedih kat bahu ni. haish so people
 LISTEN! to the person who knows wht they are talking about. Dr Reza Ng. he has a master in Orthopedic. :P *melalut*

thats all. hmm
This is Nik Camelia . over and out.

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